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You have entered the domain “”. This website argues the case that the correct form of Socialism, has to include a market. Socialism (a social and kind, peaceful and just society) can not be achieved without freedom. Indeed, freedom is an essential social good, being the opposite of exploitation, tyranny, poverty and war.

Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood. The freedom to trade your own work, and yes: your own labor, does give people a power to use against exploitation and tyranny. Where there is no freedom during a robbery, while vicious slavery is the deprivation of all moral values, in the act of a trade the two sides should essentially be two free and equal parties. How can brotherhood develop as a virtue, if man is deprived the freedom to show his solidarity to another, by being restrained in a state of subjugation ? While there have been many unfair trades, isn't it so that two men can decide to trade with each other fairly, if given such freedom ?

While democracy, the right to trade your work, and the like, have been tirelessly abused in Capitalist propaganda as hollow words to give shelter to exploitation, tyranny and war, such pretences should not prevent one to see the virtues and possibilities of well structured markets, where people are given their share of powers, including possibly the most essential of all: a free and equal value share of the land in the Nation, as an inalienable right. To close the mind against markets and freedom in general, is to afford the Capitalist exploiters another method of subjugating the masses, by instigating a totalitarian State under the guise of Socialism, Communism, Fascism, or whatever slogans the demagogues find the masses responsive to for a moment.

Therefore this website redirects to the domain: Market . Socialism . nl, to differentiate itself from especially modern western propaganda, with its slow creep in the meaning of the word “Communism”, to now include “Socialism”, as if the two are the same. This website not only argues markets to be an essential social good, it proposes a system of economics in which a free market as the essential element. The phrase “free market” has a different meaning here, than it may have in Capitalist international trade treaty negotiations and associated propaganda. Who bothers to listen to the Capitalists and their press ? Those who do, will get used to the Capitalists’ vocabulary. Don't let their propaganda confuse your reading of the proposals on this website. There are only so many words we can use.

In the view extolled on this website: Capitalism (Fascism and the Feudal system) are the problem, totalitarian Leninist/Marxist Communism (dictatorial in both method and architecture) is the wrong answer to this problem. If this website offers a better answer, is for you to decide.