Confederation*) of Democratic Simulators

log entry: Tue Oct 15 09:12:19 UTC 2013 (Jos)

Proposals to C.D.S.:

Proposals are being made to change the Constitution into a completely new system inspired by the DAVID-239 model, see here: CDS voter-groups Constitution. More limited changes have also been proposed, listed below. None of these changes have been adopted. They have been received somewhat favorably but cautiously. Chances of (partial) implementation seem good.

These bills have been proposed: Location on the CDS forum of the proposals: 3 bills on CDS forum Here are local copies of those bills:


Personal position of undersigned in CDS

Undersigned (Jos) is a somewhat active participant in this CDS democracy (mainly in the area of debate and Constitution, usually ignored as is the costums in all nations I would say from experience, rather then being elected; undersigned had already left this CDS nation because they showed no interest to even have a debate, but a friend brought me back and now there are developments there that make the climate for (partial) implementation better). When I was back there on a visit, my old stove was still burning in my old house, now owned by someone else, who left it otherwise empty. I took that as a sign that I should be doing there something, rented a new house that was also fortunately exactly how I wanted it with a closed upper ceiling and a flat roof. The burning stove could be dragged over the ground to the new home. This new house was a new build, it looks slightly different then most of the fachwerk houses there.

Location of the house in C.D.S. (you are welcome there, the door is open, last house on the left when going north from the east side of the NFS square at time of this writing). In the earlier stint in CDS, undersigned had started a party called "For & By the People" (FBP), which had 2 members including undersigned, one of which was probably not too well informed (yet) about the exact plans of the FBP (the same friend that brought me back later in CDS.) Because the Constitution had put in my view undue demands on political parties, the FBP had a secret hideout in the home, ready to go underground if we would be outlawed (hence the need for a closed ceiling - if you are unaware of SL: nothing is secret there, it's merely symbolic to have a secret hideout there within that simulator). We are a party because we say so, we do what we want and we say what we want; we do not accept special demands that make us a client of a regime or system that we wish to change or influence.

Upon coming back, the old system of electing political parties had been removed. Some where not happy with this. Political parties are similar to voter-groups. We organized a new political party with 3 persons, but one did not join, however yet another did. This new political party was called Respect (I did not want to have it named F.B.P. unless it actually promoted that platform.) The name Respect was agreed, because respect is always good and essential in politics (mutual respect in behavior between disagreeing people). The Respect voter-group/faction is a place in which propaganda for voter-groups is build up by undersigned, this has had the effect that the proposed CDS voter-group Constitution is effectively being promoted by the Respect faction/voter-group at least as something of interest for the sake of discussion. This is a major improvement relative to the previous situation, caused by what some would see as the deterioration of the CDS Republic (removal of the factions or political party election system, and extreme powers for the Chancellor). In the deterioration of a Repulic, lies the fertile soil into which the seeds for improvement above the original vision can grow, as expected.