There seems to be a problem with flags: how do we convey the idea that we want a Sovereign Nation, and the same enjoyable rights for our brother nations, when the flags of the places we live may be representative to a degree of Governments who have subverted their offices to an Empire that is too large or that we do not want for some other reason. These Imperial people need only to create a new flag for their newest Imperial endeavour, which they always will. They also have a tendency to make flags that combine all the Sovereignties that they have conquered into one design; the United Nations for example has one such design, it is also known from the conquering feudal lords of the middle ages. One would also not want to drag their designs needlessly into view, even if they are marked with words or symbols of rejection.

Any design will probably do, but since the topic seems to be relevant why not propose something until something better has been created; or maybe it could even function. This was the first attempt:

This (above) is the (in)famous European Union poster of the tower of babel, cut up into 6 parts, the parts with their flag and words deleted, the parts scattered to all corners, and the top part put down and the top of it rotated down to the ground. This symbolizes the scattering of Empire, and is a direct representation of the scattering of the Tower of Babel. Then there is some sea between the parts, which represents freedom of movement, trade, but also absence of control. It can also stand for air or fertility bringing rain. The rainbow is a sign that this is how we want things to be.

Here is the second design.

In this design (above) each of the 5 lands that are shown have been restyled to be simple white squares. A geometric simple design seems to be a good idea for a flag, with strong color differences. They are symbolic for a land and it's neighbors. The squares are not geometrically aligned but they are chaotic, which is symbolic of there not being an overarching architect who is arranging his provinces as the profitability of his taxation schemes or power games would require. The squares are fairly equal in size, which is not necessarily representative of these nations being of similar size, but of that they exert a similar pressure or power to each other. That is symbolic for not being opressive or submissive, but each nation is free and Sovereign in it's own right.

There is a new square added in the middle; that one can represent the place that the users of the flag stand for, and that they want to be free and Sovereign. This square is not bigger then the others, which is symbolic of not wanting to conquer the other nations to become Imperial themselves. There is a line around the border, which is the line they draw to the power of the other nations and any attempt at Empire against them. Other nations will naturally have some influence on their neighbors, but there is a limit to it.

The design can be used as a blank, which would denote the idea, or the center square can be filled by items that belong to the nation in question. Here is an example of a Dutch national Sovereignty flag:

Because it is a national Sovereignty flag which explicitly wants others to have their rights in their areas, this is also a friendship flag between nations, and even a cooperation flag. That in contrast to the fake claims to cooperation made by the Imperialists, who (purposefully?) confuse cooperation between areas with their own central dominance.

These designs are hereby released into the public domain. You can do anything with them you want as far as I am concerned. Here below some variations (personally the last two seem the best, with the green line).

The general colors white and blue are calming colors, colors of winter, suggestive of the seriousness of the matter. The green is an obvious color of fertile land (plants on land). For a flag it's not all that ugly, so it could work.

Already in action ...

Since this is an actual Spanish friend, who likes these flags, Spanish: